Lake Chelan's 55-mile length acts as a natural conduit between the rugged mountain peaks up-lake and the lush, fertile down-lake valley. At 1,486 feet, Lake Chelan is the third deepest lake in the nation, extending nearly 400 feet below sea level.

The Lake Chelan Valley sits centrally in Washington State. National Forest and privately owned apple & cherry orchards and now small wineries surround this pristine, 55-mile glacier fed lake. This lake’s widest area is one and half miles, and the deepest depth is 1500 ft. The population of the valley consists of 6,500 year round residents and several hundred more part-time residents. This well-known year-round resort area can accommodate up to 25,000 guests during a summer season. The Lake Chelan Valley offers several different year-round recreational activities and unique locations for conferences.

Scenic Lake Chelan lies within an 80-mile long glacial valley near the geographical center of Washington State. The semi-arid rolling hills surrounding the resort communities at the end of the lake give little hint of the spectacular views offered by this fiord-like Lake which for most of its length lies in a valley far deeper than the Grand Canyon. Roads extend less than halfway to the headwaters of Lake Chelan. Beyond the end of the road, rugged snowcapped peaks rise over 7,000 feet from the lakeshore and dark evergreens cover the mountainsides. Deep valleys rise from the lake to massive glaciers in the heart of the North Cascades.

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